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CCA's Route Workshop Draws Rave Reviews
CCA's Route Workshop Draws Rave Reviews

CCA Started off the year on a high note with A great Route Development program in NAPA, CA.   

“This was a terrific program,” offered CCA Executive Director Peter Blake, “and the feedback from the attendees was tremendous.  We had strictly limited the attendance to 12 people, and sold out the program.  The small group was a perfect setting for workshop leader, James Peuster, to work intensely with the participants and to make sure he was able to help each one get the most out of the program.  This is a great start to 2019 and we are committed to keeping this momentum building throughout the year.”

Quit Spinning your Wheels and Driving in Circles
The 2-day program drew attendees from as far away as Phoenix, AZ and Southern California.  Workshop Leader, Route Pro James Peuster, guided attendees through proven methods of increasing route sales, as well as, recruiting new customers.  He shared his own experiences in building routes and his observations from years of working directly with route developers.

“It seems every business is jumping into pick-up and delivery,” cautioned Peuster, “and obviously I know it can be a key component of a successful business in today’s industry.  But I also know, that if you don’t do it right, and you do not have a strong strategic plan, it can also be a growth killer.  We work on proven strategies in making your drivers and developers more successful.”

CCA is already looking ahead to it’s next educational opportunities.  There are plans in the works for a full-day Customer Service Workshop featuring Trudy Adams of Blue Egg Consulting.  CCA is planning to host the program in both Southern California, as well as, in Northern California on successive days.
“CCA is committed to our members’ success,” concluded Blake, “and we are looking to bring the most relevant, timely, and productive educational programs possible to our members.  Looking for a particular subject?  Contact CCA today and let us know what you would like to have offered in your area.



Meet Your Executive Director
I am very excited to be working with the California Cleaners Association.  I have been involved with the North East Fabricare Association for over 25 years, and I am excited to bring some of that experience and knowledge to the West coast.  We are currently reviewing our programs and services to see what we can improve, strengthen and add.  I have been a featured speaker on marketing, social media, customer service and OSHA training.   

All members are encouraged to call or contact me at anytime.  I want to hear from you!  If there are ways we can better serve you, or things you thing the association needs to be involved in, let us know:(916-239-4070) or e-mail me at


Peter Blake,
Executive Director, CCA


Meet Your Executive Director
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