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CCA Board Meets in Sacramento
CCA Board Meets in Sacramento

The CCA Board was hard at work in Sacramento earlier this month.  The Board met at one of the oldest linen operations in the country, Shasta Linen Supply, and were treated to a tour of the facility prior to the meeting.

This Board meeting was a critical meeting for CCA and there were some lively discussions about the future and the direction of the association.   With nearly every board member in attendance, and invited guest Marcus Taslim of Jeeves Indonesia, new CCA Member John Phillips of Signature Cleaners, and Fabricare Show Manager Leslie Schaeffer, it was a full house as the Board reviewed several key areas.

Fabricare Show Set

CCA is already planning Fabricare 2020 in Long Beach.  The dates are set for August 14 - 16 and the Board has chosen the Renaissance Hotel to again act as the headquarters hotel.

“There was a lot of discussion over the future of Fabricare,” offered Fabricare Convention Chair Dave Suber, “and the Board collectively want to make this one of our best.  The Board spent a great deal of time and energy discussing ways to attract new exhibitors and new attendees.  This will be a great event.  We will have some new programs, and have some exciting ideas to really energize the show.”

Toran Brown Named Director District 1
Jim Douglas, CCA President, has vacated his post as District 1 Director and the Board has filled the spot with Toran Brown from Rytina Cleaners.

“The CCA Board is really excited to have Toran coming on board,” offered Jim Douglas.  “He will be a great addition to the team and he brings a great deal of knowledge and experience with him to the post.  He has already attended several meetings and has been a tremendous help as a member of the Membership Committee.”

Long Range Planning Committee Formed

The CCA Board also appointed a new Long Range Planning Committee that is chaired by Sassan Rahimzadeh, CCA Vice President.  Joining Sassan on the committee are Jim Douglas, Toran Brown, and Riaz Chauthani.

“I am excited about this Committee”, offered Sassan, “and I think it is important for us to have a vision of where CCA needs to be in 2 years, 5, years and 10 years down the road.  In order to be successful, we need to keep looking forward.  We need to be able to explore where the industry may be in that time period and how we can ensure CCA remains relevant.  We need to be able to shift and change with the industry -- and this committee will help us do that.”

Education Update
The Board continues to demonstrate its commitment to Education.  Its most recent program had 15 attendees from throughout the Norther California area.  The Board thanked both the presenter, Jeff Schwartz of A.L. Wilson and Harold Turner of Snow Cleaners for their support of the program and the association.
The Board is developing new programs for later in the year including an intensive Customer Service Workshop and new webinars.  Keep watch on for more information

Board Recap
“I am so excited about CCA’s direction”, observed Jim Douglas, CCA President.  “This is the most energized and excited I have seen our board in years.  Everyone is committed to strengthening our association -- and the industry.  We have a dedicated leadership that is willing to roll up our sleeves and do the work.  It really is impressive.  There are GREAT times ahead!”

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